While Nevroza is often conflicting with the problems of people’s inner world, it is a psychological distress that fails to resolve the unconscious emotional wars that lead to tension. The word Nevroza was first discovered by Scottish physician William Cullen at the end of the 18th century. In the nineteenth century, it was correlated with functional dysfunction of the central nervous system and psychological life.

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This disease leads to tension and anxiety not being able to adapt to contradictions. Widely appearing neuroses usually manifest themselves with feelings of aggression, anger, feelings of self-esteem, courage, guilt, excessive courage. French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot, using the method of hypnosis, prepared the basis of psychological research in the treatment of the shares.

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The Austrian psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud , is the first person to look at neuroses psychologically, the relationship between the effects of unconscious spiritual forces, adult neurosis and childhood experiences, neurotic responses and contradictions, sexuality and aggression. The contemporary psychiatric view is largely based on Freud’s psychoanalysis.

Nevrozalar leaves the main two;


1-Character neurosis: Psychological disorders that include the whole personality and habits of getting in touch with people.


2-Symptomatic signs: Restlessness is a discomfort that makes itself manifest by the symptoms of distress. Symptoms nervosa have , as is psychologically important for the response to external forcing response to a single person or experience, it shows itself. If this type of disease is the first type; traumatic neurosis. It causes emotional disturbances that occur with fire, earthquake, terrible accidents. The symptom is the increase of the spiritual tension. Such disorders are usually short-lived. If the person is removed from the tense environment, the situation will cease.


If this is the second stage of the disease; It is called psychoneurotic . The tensioner is experiencing very psychological tension from objective tension. For example; a traumatic neurosis may result in a bombardment that would put a person in danger during the war, endangering the long-running life. Psychoneurotic response is; a soldier who is jealous of his brother from his youth and consciously grudgingly grudges, the end result of a friend in the war feeling guilty of death.

As a result of the experiments, it has been determined that the neurotic responses did not emerge from the traumatic items, but also from the meaning given to him by the person at the same time. The purpose of the psychoanalytic treatment to be done is to aim the patient to work better. Medicines, sedatives are included in the treatments for the body. These are given only for patient support. The repressed feelings and thoughts that lead to the disease may arise from classical psychoanalysis. Group therapy is also thought to be beneficial. It is accepted that Nevroza disease is a disease that can be cured.

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