Fast and Efficient Reading Techniques

Many people have complained about not being able to read fast in reading. They may be mistaken if I can not understand fast reading. A person can read an average of 150 words. But if you want to read fast, reading 1000 words per minute is not really impossible. For that, we must first believe and trust ourselves. Now let’s see why these techniques need to be read.

Why should I read it?

It learns 80% of people learn by reading. There is information about 5 times more information between reading person and reading person. In many contexts there is a lot of information to benefit. E.g; History makes people wise, poetry reveals our emotional world, mathematical rigor, natural sciences gain depth. The first requirement to pay attention to is the need to read.

Fast and Efficient Reading Techniques

Why should I read it fast?

Fast reading is also necessary in our daily life. The reason for this is;
Once you learn the fast reading technique, you will have more reading opportunities.
We have trouble spending a lot of time due to a lot of intensity. The only solution is to read more quickly.
The time we learned the technique would save us a lot of time.
We will understand better and have the opportunity to read faster.
If we get used to reading fast, our mental mobility will increase and we will have a quick decision making orphan.
Fear of meaning is the enemy of science by reading fast. However, this idea is wrong. It makes sense to make the subject matter more comfortable.
We have to condition ourselves fast by saying that we can psychologically “I can prepare”.

What Is Needed For Fast Reading?

It is important that our eyes are healthy, which is the most important factor. Languages ​​like Turkish are very easy to read. Every day should definitely take the time to read and never compromise on this time. Nothing can stop us from perseverance and determination. If we want to read an efficient knowledge and fast, first of all, care should be taken to keep the environment quiet. The amount of light should be little or no.

Hızlı ve Etkin Okuma Teknikleri

After a busy day, you should not make a mistake like reading a book while lying down. In the evenings, the book should be read before meals. Because, during digestion, the brain uses most of the oxygen for digestion. Concentration is important if you want to get fast reading habits and we need to spend 2 hours reading.

Fast and Efficient Reading Techniques

Reading aloud
When we begin to read with our lips; lips, eyes, tongue, throat, ear and mind are used. This reduces the reading capacity. The average speaking speed is 100-125 words. When we read aloud we limit ourselves to this. The eye quickly sends the images that it perceives hundreds of times to the brain and perceives the brain.


Since we are limited to 100 words in 1 minute when we read aloud, our reading speed does not reach our brain capacity. This lowers our reading capacity and makes it difficult to understand. It is a way of reading when reading through it. In this, our limit is 200-250 words

SUGGEST: If you can not give up your habit of reading aloud, put a pencil between your teeth to prevent reading aloud.


Making Returns During Reading;

Fast and Efficient Reading Techniques

Frequent recycling prevents the speed of reading. The desire to recycle is anxious to understand what we read. We will think about what we understand when it comes back. However, this is a false idea. The mind is no use other than tiring.


SUGGESTION: We need to condition ourselves to understand what we read in one go. When you read it, make sure you get a paper and try to read what we read by going overboard.


Do not Know Konunuyu Readable
We read most of the time without knowing what we’re talking about. But our eyes are only in contact. Before we start reading, we should look at the subject and be informed about it. Why do we read this text? What does this text tell us? Yada What is the main idea? If we do them, we get better yield.

Hızlı ve Etkin Okuma Teknikleri

RECOMMENDATION: It is easier to understand for us if we first have to observe the text first, and if we know what the main idea is to tell.


Insufficient Word Narrow Tree;
The word narrowness is not enough to read and slow down the meaning. If the topics we read remain unchanged in our brains, the brain will not take these words into the narrow. If a word that our brain does not know is stuck, it will be a waste of time to read. It is important to extend the word narrow. Especially old Turkish words and foreign words We have difficulty in a text. This is the only solution I read to read and read … ..


SUGGESTION: Let’s read a book with a lot of words that we do not know. Let’s try to read foreign words without hanging. Our eyes will not want to pass through these foreign words in an unconscious way. Let’s force ourselves into it.


Eye Disorders

A-Correct Light Amount:


We think it is working under too much light, but this is a very damaging factor. White light is less tiring than yellow light, so white light should always be our choice. If the book leaves are bright and white, the leaves are tired and slow to read. We may prefer matte pages instead. If we are working on a computer, care should be taken to make it equal to the brightness of the room.


B-Reading Distance:


The net clearance distance between the two eyes is a minimum of 13 cm. Trying to see closer is a useless effort. Focussing on a spot at a distance of 13-15 cm disturbs the eye muscles and causes eye disorders. So we have to pay attention to the eye distance.


Eye Template:
It is our eye muscles that wanders our eyes over the text. If we are not a lot of readers, we are quickly bored reading. It causes our eyes to get tired and slow to read.


SUGGESTION: Try to read the signposts while driving. Watch foreign series-movies 2-3 times faster. At first, eye strain causes headaches, but when you are used to it, this will give you pleasure.


Reading every word slows down reading. In other languages ​​too, only a few words have been collected in Turkish. Words that do not make a great contribution to our reading of the words “for and with,” often repeated, are a waste of time. At first we might have difficulty choosing such words. If we make it a habit to ourselves over time, we can choose 100 words of 300 words or concentrate 100 words. As for the words that need to be concentrated … Special names, dates, verbs, address and place names, technical terms, filler and subject loaded in the meaning of cümlen.


Fear of “Understanding Fast Read”
Hızlı ve Etkin Okuma Teknikleri

The biggest reason for slowing our reading is to frighten ourselves with the psychological factor and the mistake of “I do not understand what I read”. Every job is a good motivation and determination. It must be so in reading. Condition yourself as “I do not understand what I read” but “I understand it by reading it.”


Passive Reading:
If you will read it, the main idea is to read the way the author looks at the thoughts and events without knowing the style without directing your mind. If we do not pay attention to them, our reading speed drops. Although we do not give much importance to attention, the writing is incomprehensible. We need to determine why we read what we read. This is more convenient for us.


Hızlı ve Etkin Okuma Teknikleri

Fast and Efficient Reading Techniques

We sometimes can not catch up with the speed of our brain’s perception during reading. Because our brain may be thinking what we read while reading what is in front of our eyes, may be trying to get results. So the speed of reading and the speed of thinking must be parallel to each other.


In order to increase the concept, it is very important to understand the main idea of ​​the text being read. For the main idea, attention should be paid to the emphasized sentences. “In particular, for this reason, therefore, it is helpful to find the main idea of ​​words, in consequence, as a result, in summary, in fact, generally”. It helps us to understand better if we find the main idea and draw the gold.


In addition to quick reading techniques, we get better results if we focus on the stimulus that we read from right to left, without considering it. If we want to concentrate when we start to read, it is to alert our brain to that issue, to intensify it interestingly. In order to do this, browsing will be pre-reading.


During the eye reading, the paused word clusters transmit to the brain. Does not transmit words during jumps. The mind works without interruption, meaning the words that the eye transmits during the pause. Connects with past information and makes comments.


SUGGESTION: Let’s spend some time in paragraphs. Let’s split ourselves five seconds for each episode. Let’s try to catch it from the cues by reading the main idea for this time.

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Fast and Efficient Reading Techniques